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Enchanting Passion 
The concept of Enchanted Cellars wine style was born at a fine restaurant in Spokane in 2004. The original owners had just ended another trip searching for the right vineyard site in the Walla Walla Valley and had ordered a Walla Walla Merlot which was so good that it became the touchstone for all their wine efforts. They knew then that half the search was over; they had their wine style defined for them that night and the mission crystallized. 

The original owner, Ronn Coldiron started on his wine journey about 20 years ago totally by chance; while driving by a vineyard in the Fall he fell in love with wine growing.  About 10 years ago he planted a small private vineyard and managed everything from the planting, grafting, cropping and harvesting all himself. Having a Ph.D. in Geology gave Ronn the ability to analyze certain aspects of terroir that are critical to a first rate vineyard.  His philosophy is good wine can only be made from good fruit, and this has been accomplished with our own Estate Vineyard blocks and with our vineyard partners throughout the Columbia Valley and Walla Walla AVA.  As winemaker, Ronn's philosophy was to let the wine make itself and so preserve the unique identity of each vintage.  Individual character is essential in making high quality Bordeaux-style wine.

Our passion is to continue to craft wines that have these three essential qualities: complex bouquet, balanced and rich mouthfeel, and long rewarding finish. 


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